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Autumn, 2012 Morgan Mare   Quietude Roman Empire x ScatOaks Easter Joy

Finished to make the perfect riding partner – for about any rider, at any level, in any discipline, from academic/exhibition dressage, to ranch handling and hassle-free trail-doggin’. No issues. None.

See for yourself. All clips feature Autumn … the second video features multiple Autumn’s. Cloaking device sold separately.


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0. School Canter Work at 10/2019

1. Ranch Horse Handling Test

2. Ice, Sleet, Snow & Mud Handling Test 

3. Arcade Mode Demo: The 3rd Grader Test

4. Sample Full Working Session (Early Days – Stage 1)

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Henry Fleming

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Henry Fleming is a horsemanship and equitation writer, trainer, tutor, and clinician. He advocates historical ideals of advanced horsemanship, applying principles espoused by William Cavendish and Francois Baucher to achieve them quickly and safely.
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