I was thinking the other day:  “Man! … Hank!  I wish we’d’ve given a READ ME FIRST  to every love we’d ever lost.”  Or got rid of.  Or that lost us.  Or however it went, isn’t the point.  I wish I had.  Just so-sy we’d’ve had a few things clear from the “get-go”.  From the very beginning.  But I didn’t.  And it would’ve gone better.  Or quicker.

But you?   I?  Oui (?) still have a chawnce (sp).  (I know. Stay with me.).

We still do, because you will know certain things before proceeding ANY further, and – if you do anyway – well … You are at some risk of having had it coming all along.  You could’ve not, and been fine.

So here’s this:

  1. I will never lie to you.  Unless it is necessary to teach you a lesson which is ultimately more important than thoughtless honesty.  And that’s the Truth.
  2. Only I call me “Hank” and like it.
  3. In advance of advancing ANY further: I’M SORRY.  I’m an English major.  Some other things too, but it doesn’t matter yet.  This thing will be the most troublesome of all the things, at least initially.  I was professionally trained – early on – by some of the very worst and brightest the University of Texas had to offer – to sound like a gashole on paper and often, should I be otherwise consumed, in person.  Probably.  If I’m being honest.  I sound this way most especially and immediately to a very many non-English majors, who – misunderstanding just what I have just said – and, more importantly, meant – often presume to have been insulted or, in some way, maligned.  Like any other self-dignified beam of perfection, I am, of course, most often insulting myself.  If admiringly.  Either way:  No offense, pal.  And none taken.  And never lightly – if I can help it.  And you should know that.
  4. This compendium – like my very self, and most others, and still including you – is forever a work in progress.  It was initially nothing more than a means of organizing my thoughts, notes, and reflections regarding the pursuit of something beyond what Nuno Oliveira called “trail riding in a circle” – by which he meant: the kind of riding we do on lawnmowers; and, often – especially – at horse shows.  But I digress:  What I mean to say, is:  some – maybe much – of this site was reflexively written and unedited.  Remember:  it’s free.  Or this part is, anyway.  I’ve decided to post so much of this kit and caboodle (even though so much of it embarrasses me when I re-read it) due to my early pursuit of everything the late genius Nuno Oliveira wrote … and my quick discovery that there there just wasn’t very much.  One little volume of notes, more or less.  Not nearly enough for Padawans only just swallowing the proverbial Red Pill – let alone those Luke’s, Lea’s and Neo’s who have yet to be persuaded.  Oliveira’s writing is poetry, and oozes Truth – but if you are not on approach to Jedi already, you will very likely be blind to the most important things he had to say.  If we do not begin logging ourselves when we know little, we quickly lose our ability to conceive exactly how it felt not to know more later, once we’ve conceived, internalized, reconciled, and synthesized various principles which were sublime to begin with, and now are virtually subconscious.  As when my son attempts to show me how to play a video game he’s already mastered.  It’s no fun for either us.  He can’t understand HOW I can’t understand.  It’s SO obvious – because he understands it. Right?  So be gentle in your judgement, dear reader.  At the risk of many typos, missing words, and way LOTS of things I know could be said much better (by me, not you), I present these presents presently. If it doesn’t make sense to you, it probably was not meant for you – not yet.  And if it does?  Hi there. You’re welcome:  Stay with me.
  • Your servant.

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Henry Fleming is a connoisseur of high school equitation theory and promotes ideals and methods described by the Duke of Newcastle and Francois Baucher.

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