Because some rando or another hacked my site a few months back.  I was barely able to recover it using a method that mostly worked, but which replaced certain types of characters with “?”. There are oodles of them across many pages, unfortunately, which I occasionally get time to correctContinue Reading

The Duke of Newcastle would call them fully dressed (‘dressaged’) or managed (a la?’to manage’ or ‘maneged’). All horses offered by Harmony Cross … Have been academically prepared to understand ‘classical’ aids Have been well socialized – among horses and humans – to provide a safe, flexible riding partner, regardlessContinue Reading

There is no more information here. ?That’s all the information there is. If what you don’t need isn’t that – and you feel uncertain – I definitely may not consider your anti “matter.” Serious. Keep it clean. Or write:  

I was thinking the other day: ?”Man! … Hank! ?I wish we’d’ve given a READ ME FIRST? to every love we’d ever lost.” ?Or got rid of. ?Or that lost us. ?Or however it went isn’t the point. ?I wish I had. ?Just so-sy we’d’ve had a few things clearContinue Reading

  When people ask me “what do you do with horses?”, they get one of two answers, depending my very quick analysis of their background – and my mood. Non-horse people, neophytes, and the vast majority of people too young to vote get a very short answer: ?I pet them,Continue Reading

If by “building” you mean “training” (in a historical sense) the finished dressage horse should be well capable of performing cross-country and jumping duties before even being started in high school training, which focuses on the pursuit of mobility and control, and does so by harnessing the horse’s ability toContinue Reading