Virtually all ‘sports’ reduce to martial analogues in some context, or have become culturally recognized as physical human art forms, portable to some reasonably objective set of standard criteria by which they may be judged more or less “ideal”, and thereby scored/ranked.? I presume you are more a fan ofContinue Reading

This depends on your philosophy and the style of equitation you are pursuing.? German style dressage is heavy – the pressure easily measured in pounds at lower levels, given certain assumptions in the training progression. Traditional American-style “Western” equitation (not Vaquero style) often uses no pressure – but forfeits consistentContinue Reading

Sure you will. ?Think of “Lifting the Neck” as merely Part 1 of the “Neck Control Continuum”. Our finished horse should be happy to travel in whatever frame we ask – from upright and highly collected, to dropped and extended – and with a vertical face in either position, shouldContinue Reading