‘Finished’ Means Finished.

The Duke of Newcastle would call them fully dressed (‘dressaged’) or managed (a la?’to manage’ or ‘maneged’).

All?horses offered by Harmony Cross Equestrian:

  1. Have been academically prepared to understand ‘classical’ aids
  2. Have been well socialized – among horses and humans – to provide a safe, flexible riding partner, regardless of discipline or level of experience
  3. Trailer-load easily; clip, bathe, and generally dote on you, provided access to you
  4. Can perform school-quality, highly modifiable gates
  5. Highly responsive to aids
  6. Use correct neck pitch and head placement to self-carry across all gaits and maneuvers
  7. Have solid left and right canters, perform simple changes – flying changes installed where noted
  8. Execute a full range of accessible, ‘carrying’ trots, from piaffe or deaux piaffe to school and extended trots. (Proper carriage makes ‘posting’ optional)
  9. Are highly responsive to the leg, meaning?easy-but-ready changes of inflection/bend, gait, collection, speed, including ready, short, and, if required, sliding stops
  10. Extensive trail riding exposure and experience
  11. Are easily operable with ‘one hand on the curb’ – but also with the double bridle, or a simple snaffle … or bareback with a halter and lead rope, if you must
  12. Have no known soundness or behavioral issues; are elite performers shod or barefoot
  13. Are comfortable in ‘English’ or ‘Western’ (stock) tackle
  14. Are in ‘ready’ condition
  15. Are rideable in ‘arcade mode’, i.e.: are easily piloted by novice riders

… unless otherwise noted en dossier.

That’s approximately 15 more things than your last horse. And you know it. 🙂

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