‘Finished’ Means Finished.

The Duke of Newcastle would call them fully dressed (‘dressaged’) or managed (a la?’to manage’ or ‘maneged’).

All horses offered by Harmony Cross …

  1. Have been academically prepared to understand ‘classical’ aids
  2. Have been well socialized – among horses and humans – to provide a safe, flexible riding partner, regardless of discipline or level of experience
  3. Trailer-load easily; clip, bathe, and generally dote on you, provided access to you
  4. Perform school-quality, highly modifiable gates
  5. Are highly responsive to aids
  6. Use correct neck pitch and head placement to self-carry across all gaits and maneuvers
  7. Have solid left and right canters, perform simple changes – flying changes installed where noted
  8. Execute a full range of accessible, ‘carrying’ trots, from piaffe or deaux piaffe to school and extended trots. (Proper carriage makes ‘posting’ unnecessary).
  9. Are highly responsive to the leg, meaning?easy-but-ready changes of inflection/bend, gait, collection, speed, including ready, short, and, if required, sliding stops
  10. Have extensive trail riding/out-of-arena hacking exposure and experience
  11. Are easily operable with ‘one hand on the curb’ – but also with the double bridle, or a simple snaffle … or bareback with a halter and lead rope, if you must
  12. Have no known soundness or behavioral issues, and are high performers shod or barefoot
  13. Are comfortable in ‘English’ or ‘Western’ (colonial stock) tackle
  14. Are in ‘ready’/athletic condition
  15. Are rideable in ‘arcade mode’, i.e.: are easily piloted by novice riders to go forward, go left, go right, and quickly, easily halt on either the heels or hand.

… unless otherwise noted en dossier.

That’s approximately 15 more things than your last horse. And you know it. 🙂